Columbia has decades of experience producing a skylight that can withstand the harsh Canadian climate – the result is a superior energy efficient skylight with a proven history of durability.

Columbia offers an ENERGY STAR® option on every
skylight model and size we manufacture

ENERGY STAR Canada has one of the most demanding ratings criteria in the world (introduced January 1st, 2020 – Version 5). Columbia is the only Canadian skylight manufacturer to meet the current certification standards.

Columbia’s range of energy efficient fixed and venting skylights

Curb mounted skylights sit on top of a framed wood opening in the roof (the curb). The installation requires an integration into your roofing system - most commonly with metal step flashing and adhesive watertight underlayment (membrane). The advantage of the curb - it is an integral part of the roof and the installer can build to suit the location.
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A Self Flashing Skylight is a skylight that comes with a built-in durable PVC vinyl roof curb. Self Flashing skylights are designed for the do-it-yourselfer - you don’t have to build or flash a curb, saving you time and money. Easy to install on any composition shingle or shake roof.
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Columbia uses energy efficient glazing options from the world’s leading high performance glass manufacturer

Cardinal Ig Logo

Columbia uses North American manufactured Cardinal IG glass sealed units. One of the most innovative and largest High Performance glass producers in the world. Cardinal glass is the industry leader and offers the widest selection of energy saving options.

LoE3 I89 Energy Plus Skylight
Cardinal Glass Loe I89 Logo@2x

LoE3 i89 Energy
  1. Superior LoE3-366 and i89 triple coatings are virtually invisible.
  2. LoE3-366 Clear on exterior pane, plus i89 invisible coating on interior pane.
  3. Dual pane filled with argon gas.
  • High performance double glazed glass close to triple pane performance.
  • Offered by Columbia in all standard and custom sized models since 2011.
Triple Glazed LoE3 366 Temp Temp Temp
Triple Glazed LoE3 366 Icon@2x

Triple Glazed
  1. Triple pane glass with two argon gas filled chambers.
  2. LoE3 triple coating on surface 2 & 5, with 2 of 3 panes of coated glass.
  • Best U-Value or energy efficiency available in Canada.
  • Offered by Columbia in all standard and custom sized models since 2010.
Triple Glazed LoE3 366 Laminated Skylight
Triple Glazed LoE3 366 Icon@2x

Triple Glazed LoE3-366
  1. Triple pane glass with two argon gas filled chambers.
  2. Superior LoE3 triple coating is virtually invisible.
  3. Additional security: Innermost pane with laminated interlayer holds the glass together in case of breakage.
  • Reduces sound transmission by up to 30%.
  • Offered by Columbia in all standard and custom sized models since 2010.
    *Meets Vancouver building code.

3 variables establish the energy performance of our skylights

Solar Heat Gain Argon
SHGC (Solar Heat Gain)
  • The percentage of solar radiation admitted through a skylight, expressed as a number between 0 and 1. The lower a skylight’s SHGC the less solar heat it transmits.
U Value Argon
U-Value (also know as U-Factor)
  • The rate of heat loss. The lower the number the greater a skylights’ resistance to heat flow.
Visible Transmittance Argon
VT (Visible Transmittance)
  • The amount of visible light transmitted. A high VT is desirable to maximize daylight levels in your home.
The Columbia Skylights listed below have been rated at a 20° slope. Testing is according to the NFRC program requirements.

Columbia Skylights Nfrc 20 Degree Slope Ratings

Columbia skylights are engineered for energy efficiency

Throughout our history our mission has been to produce the most energy efficient glass skylights in North America.

Triple Glazed LoE3-366 Temp/Temp/Temp

Columbia Skylights Engineered For Efficiency Cross Section


Energy Savings Triple Glazing Icon
Energy savings of double & triple glazing
  • Columbia recommends two options of Cardinal high efficiency glass, selected for the extreme demands of the Canadian climate.
  • LoE3 i89 provides close to triple glazed performance in a double glazed unit.
  • Triple Glazed LoE3-366 Temp/Temp/Temp is the choice for most customers in harsh climatic conditions, for those looking for maximum energy efficiency. It is also available with a laminated glass option, Triple Glazed LoE3-366 Temp/Temp/Laminated (the innermost interlayer holds together in case of breakage).
Cardinal Loe3 Glazing Icon
Utilizes two panes of Cardinal’s LoE3 glazing
  • For maximum energy efficiency Columbia’s triple glazed (Temp/Temp/Temp) incorporates two panes of LoE3 glass.
  • LoE3 creates an excellent all climate skylight because it offers superior performance in colder weather (U-Value) and enhanced performance in summer (SHGC).
Aluminum Frame Icon
Robust aluminum frame
  • Our frames are constructed of rigid extruded aluminum for additional strength and durability. Some manufacturers use thinner gauge rolled formed aluminum coil stock.
  • Aluminium, glass and PVC are easily recyclable.
Reduce Exterior Sound Icon
Reduces exterior sound
  • Double and Triple glazing with argon gas filled air spaces reduces exterior noise transmission. If you require the best sound protection, choose triple glazing including a pane of laminated glass.
  • Sound pollution causes stress and anxiety, turn your home into a quiet relaxing sanctuary.
Argon Gas Filled Icon
Argon gas filled air spaces
  • Argon gas has natural insulating properties and is inserted into the air spaces of the glazing unit to increase energy efficiency. Argon gas is denser than oxygen and reduces heat loss in the winter, heat gain in the summer and sound penetration, dampening the resonance of exterior noise.
  • Invisible to the human eye and non toxic, argon gas does not impact the clarity of the glass, but does reduce your energy use and costs.
Pvc Base Frame Icon
White PVC base frame
  • PVC is the most popular material utilized in window and skylight frame construction. It possesses superior thermal conductivity properties.
  • Columbia Skylights include an integrated 4-sided interior gutter to accumulate condensation and drain to the exterior of the skylight.
  • Condensation is caused by difference in temperature from the outside to the inside, combined with airborne moisture from the heating system, kitchen and bathroom, and can stain your interior skylight lightwell.
  • Some imported skylights utilize a flexible EPDM rubber gasket with a soft narrow gutter, typically on just one of the four sides of the frame with a minimal return, which does not capture and direct moisture to the exterior of the skylight. This approach is not suitable for a northern climate.