The highest quality & performing European designed & manufactured skylights in the world. If you want the best for your home, FAKRO skylights & roof windows are what you are looking for.

Premium European High Efficiency Skylights
& Roof Windows

Columbia is proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor of FAKRO skylights and roof windows, a range of premium European products of exceptional quality with outstanding energy saving performance.

30 Years Of Fakro

For over 30 years, the FAKRO group has produced beautifully designed, technically superior European skylights.

Second Largest Skylight Manufacturer Icon

As the second largest skylight manufacturer in the world, FAKRO supplies 15% of the global skylight market – with over 8 million skylights sold in more than 50 countries. All of the FAKRO skylights are produced in FAKRO’s European plants.


FAKRO is a renowned innovator, relentlessly seeking new ways to improve their products and make them more sustainable. The exceptional quality and craftmanship is paired with the latest technological advances resulting in the best in class skylight with remarkable energy efficiency and quality.

Ftt Du6 Energy Efficient Triple Glazing
FTT DU6 - energy efficient Triple Glazing
  • The DU6 is a triple glazed energy efficient glazing unit available on the FTT Deck Mounted Thermo Window that provides outstanding thermal performance.
  • Three panes: external tempered pane, internal tempered with low emission layer and inner pane (consists of two panes with 0.76mm layer of PVB plastic membrane between them) laminated anti-burglary glass P2A.
  • The unit has two warm TGI spacers.
  • The two chamber cavities are filled with inert Argon gas.
  • Recommended EHV-T Thermo Flashing.
Ftt Du8 Vsg Thermo Quadruple Glazing Skylight
FTT DU8 - VSG Thermo - Quadruple Glazing
  • The DU8 is best-in-class quadruple pane glazing technology available on the FTT Deck Mounted Thermo Window. FTT U8 is a quadruple glazed venting roof window with Krypton gas in all air spaces providing insulation for extreme climates.
  • It has three low emission layers and warm TGI spacers. Inner laminated anti-burglary glass P2A.
  • The three 12mm chamber cavities between the panes are filled with inert Krypton gas.
  • Supplied with EHV-T Thermo Flashing.
Wood Framed Skylight Canada
The superior insulation of the industry’s thickest wood frames
  • FAKRO combines technology, research and craftsmanship in the development of its finely crafted solid wood narrow grain factory lacquered frames. The frames are the thickest available, maximizing the insulating properties of high density wood.
  • Manufactured to an unsurpassed level of quality, beautiful to the touch. Many other wood frames are thinner and produced of lower quality primed wood.
  • All wood elements are factory lacquered before final assembly.
Deck Mount Skylights Insulated Thermo Flashing
FAKRO Deck Mount skylights qualify for ENERGY STAR® with insulated Thermo flashing
Krypton Gas Filled Glazing Skylight
FAKRO uses ultra insulating Krypton gas filled glazing
  • No other gas delivers the thermal performance of Krypton. The gas is inserted into the chamber between the panes providing superior insulation.
  • Krypton is considerably heavier than air, producing a superior energy efficient barrier. In fact it is twelve times denser than air and 6 times denser than argon gas.
  • Glazing units filled with Krypton gas reduce sound transmission of outside noise pollution.
  • The gas particles are smaller and fill the air space more effectively than argon gas, producing a more effective thermal barrier.
  • Krypton is more energy efficient that argon gas. This remarkable gas slows down or blocks thermal energy traveling through the glazing unit.
  • Available on FTT U8 – VSG centre tilt, FGH-V Balcony Window.

FAKRO’s range of exclusive energy efficient skylights
and roof windows for sloped roofs

  • FAKRO skylights and roof windows are designed to provide a focal point for any room, whether you use them individually or in combinations.
  • FAKRO’s stylish appearance is matched by the highest standard of manufacturing and finishing ensuring your skylights will go on looking good for years to come. FAKRO skylights offer a perfect combination of style, sustainability, security and durability.
  • Offering exceptional energy efficiency across the entire range, the FVS, FVE, FV and FX are ENERGY STAR Canada rated when installed with the FAKRO Thermo flashing.
  • FAKRO utilizes ongoing research and lab testing to continually update their skylights.

Sloped Roof Skylights

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FAKRO has developed an innovative insulated thermal flashing system for skylights and roof windows, designed to work in unison with their leading energy efficient frame and glass technology.

The addition of foam insulation extends the performance and life of the skylight by protecting the frame from freezing temperatures. Blocking out the cold, wind and rain in the winter and insulating from the heat in the summer.

Advantages of insulated (thermo) flashing

  • Insulates the skylight’s connection with the roof deck by reducing thermal bridges (the transmission of the difference between internal and external temperatures).
  • Increases the R-Value of the entire product by up to 10% as per tests done by an independent laboratory.
  • Reduces or completely eliminates the risk of condensation inside the skylight’s frame and glass.
  • Repels water, blowing snow, or rain with almost an extra 1 inch of insulation between the skylight frame and the exterior flashing.
  • Reduces heat loss or excessive heat gain, which reduces utility costs and saves energy.

Deck Mounted Skylight Flashing

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Roof Window Flashing

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