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Columbia Skylights has been a participant in ENERGY STAR® Canada since the introduction of skylights in 2005. Columbia was recently recognized with the prestigious 2021 Sustained Excellence and 2022 Special Recognition awards.
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Columbia Skylights has been a participant in ENERGY STAR® Canada since the introduction of skylights in 2005. Columbia was recently recognized with the prestigious 2021 Sustained Excellence and 2022 Special Recognition awards.

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Columbia is recognized by ENERGY STAR® Canada for the second year in a row. Columbia is proud to be the only skylight supplier to the Canadian market to have been recognized by ENERGY STAR® Canada.

Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award 2021

Columbia is the recipient of the ENERGY STAR Canada Sustained Excellence Award for 2021. Acknowledging our commitment to manufacturing energy efficient products.

Columbia Skylights Certified Energy Star Label

Columbia is the only Canadian manufacturer producing skylights certified to the current ENERGY STAR Canada standards. Don’t be misled by companies that use out-of-date ENERGY STAR standards.

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Columbia has engineered its skylights to withstand the demands of the extreme Canadian climate and meet the current ENERGY STAR Canada standards.

Aluminum Exterior Frame
Durable extruded aluminum frame with baked enamel paint finish.
Double or Triple Glazing
Choose from Cardinal Glass Industries Double and Triple glazing options to meet ENERGY STAR requirements.
PVC frame
Highly efficient long lasting PVC frame, thermally broken. It doesn’t conduct cold from the exterior to your home’s interior.
Adhesive ‘wet’ seal
Columbia recommends sealing your skylight to the curb with long lasting flexible silicone caulking or glazing tape - this ensures no air leakage, water infiltration or heat loss. Provides additional protection over rubber gaskets that do not adhere to uneven curb surfaces.
Aluminum flashing is the primary protection against water penetration. Can be supplied by Columbia or your installer. Integrates the curb to your roofing system and protects against moisture, snow, ice and wind. Designed for Columbia’s Fixed and Venting Curb Mount Skylights. Features pre-cut aluminum steps and pre-formed head and sill flashings. Ask your contractor about an insulated curb.
Roofing Underlayment
Rugged puncture resistant self-adhesive membrane eliminates air and water penetration.
Curb mount
Lifts the skylight off the roof deck to minimize snow and ice build up. The curb is structurally part of the roof, so it creates a secure water tight bond for the skylight to sit on.
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Providing the best energy efficient skylight solution
  • Columbia uses energy efficient glass produced by Cardinal GL, a global leader in glazing technology. Cardinal’s double glazed LoE3 i89 or triple glazed LoE3 366 delivers exceptional U-Value rating and energy efficiency.
  • All Cardinal LoE3 sealed units feature advanced three layers of the LoE3 protective coating.
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Maximize your home’s comfort
  • Columbia’s frame design and glazing reduces heat gain during the summer months and heat loss during the winter.
  • Skylights provide the health benefits of natural light and fresh air ventilation.
  • When you use triple glazing throughout the home on skylights and windows, the temperature of your home feels more comfortable and the drafts are reduced.
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The relaxing effect of superior noise reduction
  • Triple glazing reduces exterior sound, such as traffic and other street noise.
  • Adding laminated glass to double or triple glazing will increase noise reduction by up to 30% more than standard double pane glass.

You want the best for your family

When you decide to renovate your home or build a new one, you want to give your family the most livable and comfortable experience possible. Energy efficient Columbia skylights can help to maintain the ideal interior temperature. Venting models allow you to cool your home by expelling trapped hot air and providing crossflow ventilation. The glazing and frame design reduces energy loss, and saves you money.

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Learn about
the Canadian

The benefits of Columbia energy efficient skylights

Made in Canada for the Canadian climate

  • Columbia has spent over 6 decades manufacturing high quality energy efficient skylights designed to out perform our harsh Canadian climate.
  • Every aspect of the skylight has been studied, engineered and tested. It uses the best materials available, including the latest glass technology.

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Skylight Three Layer Loe3 Coating Render
The only skylight with 3 layers of LoE3 coatings on 2 glass surfaces in Canada

The latest energy efficient
glass technology

  • Columbia is the only skylight manufacturer in Canada to use LoE3 insulating coating on 2 glass surfaces. Most others only use one (see illustration).
  • Energy Plus double glazed LoE3 i89 and triple glazed LoE3-366 use 3 coats of LoE3 coating with the air spaces filled with argon gas for maximum efficiency.
  • Columbia has the widest range of ENERGY STAR certified glass skylights in Canada. By choosing an ENERGY STAR skylight you save on energy costs and protect the environment.
  • Every glass skylight Columbia manufactures has a glazing option that meets ENERGY STAR requirements – all sizes, standard and custom, fixed and venting models.


ENERGY STAR & Sustainability

  • The ENERGY STAR symbol is the internationally recognized and trusted mark of energy efficient products. The symbol means that a product, new home, building or industrial facility is certified as energy efficient based on current Canadian standards.
  • Columbia is a long term participant and supporter of the ENERGY STAR Canada program and its’ mission to provide Canadian consumers with the most energy efficient skylights on the market.

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It makes financial and
ecological sense

  • Choosing energy efficient double and triple glazing ensures long term cost saving, providing a return on your investment.
  • As well as making financial sense, you are making a purchase that is sustainable and ecologically positive.
  • Built to last. Columbia Skylights come with a 20 year warranty on the glass sealed unit. A product that lasts this long is a sustainable choice.

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ENERGY STAR part of a complete sustainable home system

  • Think of your home as an energy efficient system, with windows, doors, skylights, insulation and heating all working together. You should choose ENERGY STAR Canada products throughout your home.
  • A growing trend is to combine venting skylights with solar panels. Allowing your home to generate its own energy and expel hot air in the summer reducing the need for air conditioning.
  • As part of your home’s entire insulation system you need to ensure the ceiling and wall insulation is up to current Canadian Building Code specifications.

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Skylight And Solar Panels On Roof
Comfortable Homes With Energy Efficient Skylights

A comfortable home is an
energy efficient home

  • Columbia’s ENERGY STAR Canada certified skylights will work with certified doors and windows to create a more consistent level of interior comfort.
  • A well insulated home with the latest in window, door and skylights helps to create a more consistent temperature throughout your entire home.
  • TIP: it is important to select triple glazing for your skylight if you have triple glazed windows.

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Canada Sustained Excellence Award winner

  • Columbia Skylights is proud to be the 2021 winner of the ENERGY STAR Canada Sustained Excellence Award for our line of energy efficient skylights.
  • Columbia has spent over 6 decades manufacturing high quality skylights designed to out perform the harsh Canadian climate.
  • Over 20 years of supplying triple glazed skylights to the Canadian market.

Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award 2021

Columbia Energy Energy Star Canada Sustained Excellence Award
Energy Efficient Skylight Installation

For maximum energy efficiency, professional installation and advice is critical

  • Much of the energy loss associated with a skylight comes from choosing the wrong skylight for the application or poor installation (causing air leakage).
  • The insulation of a skylight needs to integrate into a properly designed and installed building envelope system.
  • Ensure the building envelope meets current ENERGY STAR and building code standards for all material incorporated in your home.

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